Making a clean future accessible for all.

With unique industrial competence in the European battery production landscape, ElevenEs is on the quest to produce safe and sustainable batteries making the energy transition affordable for everyone.

Our Plan

Check out our plans for the next decade - this is how we’re going to make a clean future accessible for all.

Our Plan

Sustainable by Design

Making a clean future accessible for everyone entails an inherently sustainable approach to all aspects of our battery cell production.

From local & abundant material procurement, utilization of 100% renewable energy for production & the in-housing of CAM - our mission comes to life with an end-to-end sustainable approach.

About Us


ElevenEs is a brownfield spin-off of Al Pack Group, a multinational industry leader with three decades of experience in high-precision processing of aluminum, including coating, slitting, cutting, and deep-drawing. ElevenEs has leveraged this know-how and applied it to the world of LFP battery cell manufacturing.

Since 1994, Al Pack Group has processed about 40.000 km worth of aluminium foil annually. That’s enough aluminum foil to make a path to the moon and back.

Since 1994 Al Pack Group has produced enough ALUMINUM to reach the Moon and back!
About Us

Let's make the future possible!

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Let's make the future possible!
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