Environmental Policy

Environmental policyAugust 2022

We use LFP technology which secures safe batteries that last longer and are more affordable. Our product does not contain nickel or cobalt which reduces its risk of fire significantly and its environmental impact.

Today, we recycle our own aluminium scrap within our factory premises. We shred, collect, and press our waste into briquettes.

These briquettes are then transported to our smelter where we melt the product and get 500kg aluminium blocks back which are shipped back to our suppliers.

Exhaust gases are filtered, and the polymers collected on the filters are sold to the rubber industry.

We intend to implement a similar process for the scrap in our battery production in the future and hope to have one of the most vertically integrated recycling processes in the industry.

We show today what actions in the future will be like.

ElevenEs mission is to produce the world’s greenest battery with strong customer focus.

We want to enable electrification and demonstrate that battery production can be done responsibly and without compromises.

Using cutting edge data-driven technologies, a ElevenEs battery is:


Our blueprint for battery manufacturing is built around a commitment to sustainability, beginning with conscientious sourcing of raw materials and a minimal environmental footprint throughout the value chain.


We strive to have a full understanding of our batteries’ impact on ecosystems by collecting large amounts of data over the entire life cycle. We will track our products from the first step of the life cycle all the way to recycling.


A battery produced by ElevenEs is a battery that will be made valuable again at the end of its life. Circulating valuable metals contained in batteries back into manufacturing flows offsets the need for mining raw materials, lowers the environmental impact of batteries and will reduce battery costs.

Green factories using innovative, highly automated, and circular production methods, an ElevenEs factory is:


ElevenEs will deliver technologies and solutions to protect use of energy, resources, chemicals, waste, water, and air. We will leverage our leadership position to advocate and drive the environmental and social standards for battery production, usage, and end-of-life management, beyond laws and regulations.


ElevenEs is engineering a model for handling end-of-life batteries and circular processes that is grounded in state-of-the-art technologies and driven by environmental and industrial logic.

We aim for our model for circularity to become the gold-standard business model for all battery factories.


We will put our best efforts into understanding what will be tomorrow’s environmental concerns and we will develop new solutions to mitigate them.

ElevenEs is committed to taking the role as the battery manufacturer that will challenge industry standards and form partnerships with stakeholders in all sectors to ensure that the future of energy will be fossil free, ecologically friendly, and fully circular.

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