RnD Manager (Battery development) Subotica

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The main goal is to lead a research team in conducting lithium-ion battery development, improving existing designs and functioning as a guide for the young padawans






  • You will basically run day-to-day lab activities, suggest who will be assigned to which project and see who has some unassigned time
  • Working multi-functionally to develop prototype cell design and electrode formulations (basically the whole battery) as the preparation for pilot production
  • Plan and organize experiments, lab work and analyze test results for the cell chemistry and perform validation
  • Being the one who takes effective responsibility for identifying root causes, action plans development, estimate material needs and manage resources
  • You will also evaluate actual project time, estimate material needs and manage resources (equipment, staff, time etc.)
  • Providing supervisory function, but also work on motivation, safety, discipline) and performance with each team member


Your little helpers in company

  • A very professional and motivated team, eager to change the industry
  • International management team, experienced in production, battery industry, business development and amateur tennis



You will also get

  • A reasonable level of independence and influence
  • A seat alongside founders in one of the fastest-growing and most promising companies on the market
  • Asked about your training, development and career advancement
  • Opportunity to learn from the amazing management team and work with the most modern technologies
  • Fair compensation and benefits increases
  • Sense of pride for working in the only high-tech lithium-ion battery production company in the region




  • Age: Millennial or Gen X
  • State of mind: Lab - My happy place
  • Preferable experience: Being a part of team that has created product that has undergone the serial production
  • Organizational skills: Able to organize safe trip to Marrakesh and back in 60 minutes, without using a mobile phone
  • Lab experience: Been there – seen that – led that
  • People skills: Able to listen to other people, talk to them and motivate them
  • The best possible skill to have: Ice-cold breath for quick extinguishing of any fire


Send us a your LinkedIn profile or CV and motivation letter (we actually read those)

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