Quality Policy

Quality PolicyAugust 2022

ElevenEs wants to make clear, through this Policy, its commitment to contribute to improving the satisfaction of our customers, ensuring quality and product safety requirements in our production activities and distribution of the products, all within the framework of our quality management system and security, being developed according to the requirements established by international referential ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 and TISAX and, in near perspective, ISO 14001:2015. We believe that we can respond well to all market demands within our business, and we intend to comply with all regulatory requirements and corresponding national laws. Expecting the updated issue of Directive for Batteries, we are preparing for appropriate standardized procedures for performance and safety testing, as well as Good Practice Guidance and normative standards for transport and waste management. By this, we emphasize the importance for us to meet all specifications and requirements demanded by our customers, in addition to permanently considering legal requirements of safety that affect our business, our staff and our facilities.

ElevenEs has defined this Policy applicable to all our activity, which includes the following general objectives:

  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations concerning battery manufacturing, environmental and energy, while providing its customers with products and services according to their needs and the requirements of Quality and Safety Product.
  • Establish a quality, safety and security and energy management system that include the protection of the environment and promoting continuous improvement in a safe and sustainable environment, energy performance, avoiding costs caused by non-compliance products.
  • Commitment to ensure the availability of information and of necessary resources to achieve objectives and targets.
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of internal and external communication with our customers, suppliers and all relevant parties
  • Assume in front of our customers the responsibilities that may arise from our activities and products in all aspects related to the environment and security, both our products and our facilities.
  • Assume in front of our customers ethical responsibilities applied both in our business relationships with customers and suppliers and hiring our staff.
  • Continually review safety policies, standards and procedures to effectively manage risks associated with changes in products, processes and technologies.
  • Make available to interested parties all information regarding the traceability of all our products marketed to demonstrate the effectiveness of our system.
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality, safety and energy management system by periodic assessment of the results and verifications.
  • Enable sustainability of Manufacturing Operations through minimum impact on the environment.
  • Energy reduction initiatives at Site level
  • Following a systematic approach in achieving continual improvement of energy performance, including energy efficiency, energy use and consumption.
  • Supporting the purchase of energy-efficient products and services, and design for energy performance improvement.
  • A commitment to job responsibility and promote it among workers.
  • Promote awareness of our staff and suppliers in the principles contained in this Policy, promoting training and the establishment of good manufacturing practices.

ElevenEs agrees that this policy is widespread and adopted by all company personnel, regularly reviewing their content and adapting it to our activities and to the overall strategy of the company.

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