ElevenEs is:

A spin-off from Al Pack Group, a multinational industry leading company in aluminium packaging and processing.
A brownfield start-up with an existing R&D center, property and buildings and international management.
A company aiming at minimal energy consumption with our products and processes relative to their outcome because efficiency is at the core of our actions. By using our funds efficiently we combine superior returns for our shareholders with minimal ecological impact.
A pioneer in LFP (cobalt free) cathode battery technology in Europe for affordable and safe use with a higher number of cycles.
A company generating profitable growth focussing on batteries for industrial applications (e.g. buses, trucks, forklifts), Energy Storage Systems and City EVs. That is how we excel competition.

"Al Pack Groups' long standing production experience creates synergies in producing accessible, safe and sustainable batteries."

Michael Heß CTO
  • Al Pack Groups' production experience

    Al Pack Group has more than 25 years of experience and knowledge in coating, slitting, cutting and deep-drawing which closely relate to electrode manufacturing. The majority of Al Pack’s production technology and experience can be replicated in the LIB production process and provide significant synergies.

  • LFP cathode in pouch & prismatic format

    The LIB Gigafactory will produce pouch and prismatic battery cells containing LFP cathode, the optimal material choice for the targeted market.

  • Industrial, bus, ESS, City EVs customer focus

    Targeting customers that need accessible, safe and sustainable Li-ion cells. Main customer segments include industrial applications (forklifts, mining trucks, buses etc.), Energy Storage Systems and City EVs.

  • 100% renewable energy sourcing and locally sourced key raw materials

    Hydro, wind and solar power plants in Serbia will provide 100% renewable energy for the LIB production. The lithium sourced approx. 260 km from the future battery factory, ranks as one of the most significant lithium deposits in the world.

  • R&D lab running, pilot in plan, economies of scale

    The laboratory and R&D center will be fully operational in June 2021. The pilot factory with approx. 300 MWh capacity will be used for testing purposes and its production is planned to start by the end of 2022.
    This project will focus on the economies of scale to drive the costs further down and to have a more significant influence on the supply chain.

The LIB Market in Europe is forecast to grow 13-fold in the next 10 years.

Battery demand in GWh

In order to catch-up with China, Europe has to step-up investment in battery production.

Significant growth of global demand for lithium-ion batteries (LIB)

Significant growth of global demand for lithium-ion batteries (LIB)
  • Global demand for LIB will increase 9-fold in the period 2020 - 2030 whereas Europe will experience over-proportional growth of 13x.
  • Current annual market value of the EU batteries market is approx. €12 billion.
  • Estimates indicate it to reach approx. €75 billion by 2030.
Geographical position is a competitive advantage

Geographical position is a competitive advantage

Geographical position is a competitive advantage
  • EC estimates that the EU market would require 18 times more lithium by 2030.
  • €3,2bn of EU support will be provided for battery research & production projects.
  • Lithium deposits uncovered in Serbia, approx. 260 km from the future battery factory, rank as one of the most significant lithium deposits in the world.

We are positioned to outperform the market

We are positioned to outperform the market

The global demand for Energy Storage Systems is forecast to grow 19-fold, the number of City Evs will grow 15-fold between 2020 and 2030 and both segments will outperform the market overall.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy
  • Serbia will increase its annual electricity production from wind parks from 893 to approx. 5.000 GWh in 2030.
  • One of the wind farm projects is only 5km from the battery factory and could directly supply ElevenEs with renewable energy.

Our strong focus on specific customer segments differentiates us in the market

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As a family business we think long-term with a focus on short-term achievements

LFP cathode active material (CAM) procured in Asia (licensing secured)
In-house LFP CAM production
Start of R&D
Mega-factory 300MWh
Giga Phase I - 8GWh
Giga Phase II - 16GWh
  • 2021


    R&D Center operates.

  • 2022


    Expand R&D, Partnerships, Procurement for the Megafactory

  • 2023


    Start regular production

  • 2024


    Produce & Finalise Capex for Giga Phase I

  • 2025


    Giga Phase I produce 8 GWh

  • 2027


    Integrate production of Cathode Active Material (CAM)

  • 2028


    Giga Phase II produce 16 GWh

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