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EDGE - Europe's first and largest full-size LFP battery cell is ready

We are bringing affordable and sustainable energy storage solutions to everybody.

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Battery that makes a real difference

A European battery with the lowest cost per cycle. Based on LFP technology, EDGE is a sustainable, cobalt and nickel-free battery. It s safe, affordable, and has up to three times longer cycle life span than other chemistry batteries.

With unique know-how in producing wide electrode sheets with a high-precision thickness tolerance, we solved the challenge of producing one-meter-long cells, the largest on the market, enabling us to offer the cutting-edge cell-to-pack solution, minimizing cost per cycle and increasing energy density on a battery pack level.

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We know what we're doing

With almost 30 years of an international experience in high-precision aluminum processing and industrial scale-up projects of the founding shareholder - as an industrial spin-off, ElevenEs holds the pole position.

Our unique know-how and vision to make an impact in sustainable energy transition on a big scale, made us a pioneer in exploring and creating the first LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery cells in Europe.

With the laboratory and R&D center opened in 2021, and backed by EIT InnoEnergy's investment we're expanding now to the industrial pilot factory, with a clear plan for Gigafactory to be operational by 2025.

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Are you ready to join the pioneers?

The battery market in Europe remains underserved for the foreseeable future. In this high-demand market, LFP technology is the most dynamically growing, and ElevenEs realized it first.

Now, our multinational vibrant team is delivering plans on time, committed to make a difference in sustainable energy transition on a large scale - by making it affordable to everybody!

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Are you ready to join the pioneers?
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