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ElevenEs produces long-lasting, safe and affordable lithium-ion cells based on LFP technology.

the battery cell that makes a real difference

Utilizing LFP technology, EDGE is the first cobalt and nickel-free battery cell produced in Europe.

Our cutting-edge cell-to-pack solution, minimizes cost-per-cycle and increases energy density on a battery pack level - powering electric cars, buses, trucks and home storage systems.

EDGE<br/> the battery cell that makes a real difference

Cobalt & Nickel in battery production


More charging cycles for a long battery lifespan


Renewable energy utilized in production process.

EDGE battery cells utilize iron phosphate (FP) as the cathode material, instead of popularized, but expensive & unsustainable, cobalt and nickel.

Iron phosphate is an abundant metal readily found across the world, contributing to EDGE batteries being more affordable and sustainable.

This factor, amongst others, enabled EDGE battery cells to achieve an increased lifespan - up to 25 years of regular use without significant degradation. Tested to be 3x longer than that of typical cobalt battery cells!

EDGE cells are also safer given their far lower overheating propensity, eliminating the need for complex cooling systems within battery packs. The freed battery pack space allows for even more EDGE batteries to be stacked - in turn producing competitive energy performance.

Fitted for every need.

The EDGE prismatic battery is by-design a fit for a wide range of applications.

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Affordable, safe and sustainable batteries are key to enabling mass adoption of e-mobility.

EDGE battery cells in a cell-to-pack system is the most cost-effective solution for city electric vehicles.

Commercial and Industry

Commercial and Industry

Where longevity and safety are of utmost priority – EDGE shines.

Our battery cells are the right solution for commercial and industrial applications, such as construction & mining machinery, forklifts, and more.

Energy Storage Systems

Energy Storage Systems

Extremely safe batteries with long life cycles are a perfect match for energy storage systems, from 50 kWh to 500 MWh.

EDGE ensures a steady supply of energy with the lowest cost per cycle.

Buses and Trucks

Buses and Trucks

Cell-to-pack capacity, along with a battery lifespan of 6.000+ cycles, makes EDGE is the ultimate choice for buses & trucks which typically need very large battery packs. EDGE offers both efficiency & safety for vehicles of this size.

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